Tips Every Lady Should Consider Before Wearing An Off-Shoulder Top

Tips Every Lady Should Consider Before Wearing An Off-Shoulder Top

One trend that has lingered on for a long time is the off-shoulder top /dresses. Off-the-shoulder tops are often a statement piece every lady would r

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One trend that has lingered on for a long time is the off-shoulder top /dresses. Off-the-shoulder tops are often a statement piece every lady would rock. Since they’re so versatile, they are a perfect match for almost anything; whether it is high-waist trousers or a skirt, it still comes out just right and perfect.

An off-shoulder top dress can be described as one that is off the shoulder. History traces it to the Victorian era. Off-the-shoulder dresses were the height of fashion in the early to mid-1800s with the likes of Napoleon’s empress, Eugenie and her ladies wearing dresses designed by Charles Frederick Worth in 1855.

Aside from ready-made off-shoulder tops, our local fashion designers have also embraced the trend, as every lady wants to make an off-shoulder top/ dresses for one event or the other as it comes out well for cocktail dresses, summer dresses and so many more women dresses styles. Whether it be that owambe, baby dedication, and the list just goes on and on.

To say that off-the-shoulder tops are just a trend is a big understatement. Their undeniable presence on the runway, red carpet, and streets, has turned this style into a wardrobe must-have. Whether they’re worn casually with jeans and flats or dressed up with a midi skirt and heels, off-the-shoulder tops are popping up at every occasion. Their versatile nature combined with you breaking up the look of an expanse of bare shoulders and chest by wearing a couple of fine gold or silver necklaces of different lengths can be something everyone, just can’t help but stare at.

The off-the-shoulder trend is one that just keeps going and going. Off-the-shoulder tops are a must-have modern basic. They’re simple and casual but can transform any forgettable basic outfit into a trendy, eye-catching look capable of turning anyone’s head around. Here are a few tips to consider on how to wear an off-shoulder top;


Choosing the right fit is so important; the length of your off-the-shoulder top should correspond with your height. If you’re on the taller side, you can balance your height out by wearing long tops. If you’re shorter, it’s better to stick to shorter off-the-shoulder tops or tuck long tops into the front of your pants. This will give a more stylish look.


Due to differences in body shapes and body parts, there’s always a style that fits you better, stick to styles that compliment your figure. For instance, a lady with fuller chest, 

Off-the-shoulder tops that are flowy or streamlined will look best on you. For smaller chests, you’ll be able to pull off form-fitting off-the-shoulder tops. Whichever style is right for you, try it on before making a final decision.


Off-the-shoulder tops can be restrictive when it comes to arm movement. If your top is too tight, you won’t be able to move your arms at all. Look for an off-the-shoulder top that allows you to move your arms.


A major challenge people tend to have with wearing of the off-shoulder top is been able to find the right strapless bra that fits well, Try to get one today if you don’t have, the sight of the hand of your bra popping out isn’t a good one .dress well and dress right today. Go get one and keep rocking those off-shoulder designs.


If you’ve ever worn an off-shoulder top in time past then you can agree with me that by lifting up of your arms, the neckline can lose its original position thereby displacing the look of your style. Keeping your tops in place is one of the main struggles when it comes to off-shoulder tops. The slip-ups can end up showing more skin that you want. Well thankfully, there’s actually a super-easy way to ensure that your shoulder top stays in place. All you need is four safety pins and two elastic hair ties. By pinning the elastic bands from the front to the back of each sleeve, you can create faux straps that stretch with your body but keep your top in place.